Release Notes - GluedIn
Release Note

v2.3.8( 16-08-2023)

  • Profile Revert for Vertical build
  • Added “onProductCTAClicked“ public method method
        public func onProductCTAClicked(
        assetId: String,
        productId: String,
        feedModel: FeedModel?,
        success: @escaping (EventActionModel) -> (),
        failure: @escaping (String, Int) -> ()
        ) -> () 
  • Added Conversion request for customer to notify conversion from CTA click.
            public func requestForConversion(
            assetId: String,
            eventRefId: Int,
            success: @escaping (EventActionModel) -> (),
            failure: @escaping (String, Int) -> ()
        ) -> ()
  • Fix profile back navigation issue
  • Bug fixes

v2.3.7( 10-08-2023)

  • Enhanced player analytics events
  • Enhanced GluedIn Keys in Project Info.plist file
                              	GluedIn Configuration
    		Api keys 
    		Sec Key
    		Server URL
    		Vertical feed setting(0/1)
    		Setting to enable back button
    		Setting to enable Auth module
    		Setting to enable GluedIn bottom bar
    		Setting to tell SDK launch from?
    		Universal link setting
    		associeted domain link for universal link
    		Firebase client id for universal link
    		Andorid package for Universal link
  • Bug Fixes

v2.3.6( 06-07-2023)

  • Offline feed support in Vertical Format
  • Profile and detail screen new layout
  • Font size and placement to be updated for the product linked to the videos
  • Bug Fixes

v2.3.5( 23-06-2023)

  • Follow on feed is optional
  • Added new configuration for share event with call back “didSelectShare“ function
  • Enable Player events for guest user
  • Fix Audio play issue during bluetooth speaker device is connected to it.
  • Bug Fixes

v2.3.3( 16-05-2023)

  • Added Duration in player analytics events
  • Bug fixers

v2.3.2( 07-05-2023)

  • Added GIF Support for Multi type feed
  • Guest user can Share the content into his social network
  • Guest user can view the comment list for any content
  • Added feature to track the below user activity while he/she watching the content:
    • SDK will track the watched time on any content on skip/scroll the content
    • SDK will track the watched time on any content while content finish playing
  • Feed and detail screen user action option can be enable/disable from the content. list of action are provided below:
    • On Feed:
      • Like
      • Share
      • Download
      • Comment
    • On Detail:
      • Comment change
      • Post new comment will be as per new configuration
      • Report and Reply comment as per configuration
      • Share option on detail page
  • Bug fixers


  • Added Auto Sign-in & SDK Auto Validation feature via custom user defined values. Use the launchWithAutoAuthentication method of the GluedIn shared singalton class.
    // uservalidation: user validation are the data model which need to set with real time user auth data.
    // userinfo: userinfo data model set can be set with user information data.
    // From this method we will receive a call UIController call back whcih can be further use as per user requirement.
    let autoAuth = AutoAuthenticate(uservalidation: uservalidation, userinfo: userInfo)
                isLoggedIn: true,
                auth: autoAuth,
                delegate: self
            ) { [weak self] controller in
                guard let weakSelf = self else { return }
                weakSelf.navigationController?.pushViewController(controller ?? UIViewController(), animated: true)
            } failure: { error in
    let userInfo = Userinfo(
          userId: "gluedIn_user_id",
          fullName: "User full name",
          userName: "user name",
          email: "",
          profileImageUrl: "",
          creator: true)
        let uservalidation = Uservalidation(
          closedCommunity: false,
          privacyPolicy: "",
          aboutUs: "",
          termsAndConditions: "",
          userAccessToken: "user_access_token",
          guestRefreshToken: "guest_refresh_token",
          userRefreshToken: "user_refresh_token",
          guestAccessToken: "guest_access_token",
          clientId: "client_id"
  • Apply pagination on my and other user profile
  • Bug fixes

v2.2.6 (04-Apr-2023)

  • Separated Hashtag Details and hashtag videos
  • Client ID add in request header for the api request

v2.2.5 (31-Mar-2023)

  • Post-navigation issue fix
  • Parent App icon can be added/enabled from SDK configuration
  • Post-navigation issue fix
  • Download Url Check due to initialize loader
  • Hashtag and Discover Result Hashtag issue

v2.2.3 (27-Mar-2023)

  • Public discover widget fixes for sample app
  • Bottom bar customisation improvement
  • DM Socket URL fix
  • Bug fixes

v2.2.2 (20-Mar-2023)

  • Bottom bar customisation ( Bottom bar icon and bottom bar tab name can be changed using SDK configuration file)
  • Parent App icon can be added/enabled from SDK configuration
  • Updated Creator UI
  • Video Auto fill/Fit as per video resolution for vertical feed
  • Bug fixes

v2.2.1 (14-Mar-2023)

  • Bug Fix ( Post and draft disable on user profile in case of Non UGC)

v2.2.0 (14-Mar-2023)

  • Bug Fix

v2.1.9 (10-Mar-2023)

  • Parent app icon added in the SDK, to go back to the parent app
  • Tab bar color change for vertical feed
  • Bug Fixes

v2.1.7 (1-Mar-2023)

  • Back button enable to go back to parent app
  • recalling init issue fix
  • Permission alert improvement/li>
  • Bug fixes for the client

v2.1.6 (23-Feb-2023)

  • Bug Fixes

v2.1.4 (22-Feb-2023)

  • Draft functionality improvement on profile page
  • Add reward cell at discover screen
  • product linking
  • text story added on the feed and creator module
  • Bug fixes

v2.1.3 (14-Feb-2023)

  • Bug Fix

v2.1.1 (6-Feb-2023)

  • Hide Change password and delete account option from more menu for auto login
  • Added back button call back, func didSelectBack()->() {}
  • Bug Fixes
    • Remove total Comments counts from vertical comment list
    • Back button image issue resolved
    • Dismiss and pop managed for back button
    • Fix tab bar profile issue image,
    • Fix like button issue

v2.2.1 (14-Mar-2023)

  • Bug Fix ( Post and draft disable on user profile in case of Non UGC)

v2.1.0 (31-Jan-2023)

  • Added GluedInDMSDK
  • Bug fixes:
    • Resolve share button issue while disable from console
    • Change device Type for iOS
    • Other UI and Functional fixes

v2.0.6 (24-Jan-2023)

  • Exposed optional Back button configuration for nocode
  • Exposed login/sign up callback if default login/signup is skipped
  • Bug Fixes

v2.0.3 (12-Jan-2023)

  • Bug Fixes

v2.0.2 (10-Jan-2023)

  • Bug Fixes
  • GluedIn Analytics Callback exposed

v2.0.1 (26-Dec-2022)

  • Invite Only Community
  • Mobile discover Widgets
  • Bug Fixes
  • server communication and bug log improvement

v1.0.2 (21-Oct-2022)

  • Rewards Feature
  • User Active/In-active
  • Business Account delete
  • Multi-Language Support in App
  • Discover rail widget


  • Follow Feature on feed :
    Work on follow feature on feed for both card and vertical.
    Add horizontal bounce in shoppable cell.
  • Creator Cover with video asset and Image :
    Added Generic bottom popup to choose option
    Added Image Crop screen ui
    Feature to trim image from video asset based on time.
    Feature to crop image after zoom and scroll.
    Post the selected image to creator post api.
  • Multi Size Video/Image Cell in Feed :
    Multi Size video cell Card Feed.
    Multi Size video cell sub Card Feed.
  • Active InActive User :
    Bug Fix- Active InActive User
  • Bug Fixes :
    Remove Notification detailView and link comment detail View.
    Resolve Follow user issue on feed.
    Feed Sound issue fix.
    User Name limit decrease from 6 to 3.
    Improve login alert when user interact in app as a guest user.
    Improve user experience on discover search.
    Improve Creator launch User interface.


  • Rewards Feature
  • User Active/In-active
  • Business Account delete
  • Multi-Language Support in App
  • Discover rail widget
  • Meta Support for user/content
    This feature help user to add meta information during registration which can be used further for filtering the content
  • Follow options on Feed - No Code
    This feature allows user to follow other user from Feed screen
  • User Name suggestion
    This feature provides suggestion of “user names” on user registration and edit profile
  • Multi content
    This feature allows uploading of Videos and images using Creator feature
  • Multi level comment
    This feature allows user to reply over existing comments
    Allows reporting any comments/replies from other users

v2.1.4 (16-05-2023)

  • Core SDK
    • Guest user can also fetch all comments on any content.
    • Public method
    • 								/// Get Like Enable
          /// - Returns: true or false
          public func getLikeEnable() -> Bool 
          /// Get Comment Enable
          /// - Returns: true or false
          public func getCommentEnable() -> Bool 
          /// Get LiveStreamEnable Enable
          /// - Returns: true or false
          public func getLiveStreamEnableEnable() -> Bool

v2.2.1 (14-Mar-2023)

  • Low Code Improvement:
    • updateBlockByUserList - deprecated.
    • Added updateBlockByUserListWithFollowinguser with block and following user list as a response.
    • Added getBlockUnblockOrFollowingUser method with blockIds ,followingIds as a parameter where it will return blockIds and followingIds.
  • Backed Feed improvement:
    • Added “getVerticalFeedViewControllerWithUrlAndVideos” method which will return feed view controller with passed video url data preload
    • Added “getNotificationDetailViewWithVideoId” method which will return detail controller with preloaded video data
  • Backed Creator Improvement:
    • Added below callback method for Edit cover :
      a. EditCoverViewControllerDelegate
      b. didSetCroppedCoverImage c. didSetDefaultCoverImage
    • Added Edit cover functionality in backed creator SDK


  • Deprecated Methods
    • isCheckUserLogin()
    • isSocialLogin()
    • userSignIn()
    • userSignUp()
    • socialSignUp()
    • forgetPassword()
    • getConfig()
    • deleteAccount()
  • New Methods
    • isUserLoggedIn() - rename method, old name was isCheckUserLogin()
    • getLoginType() - Rename method, Old name was isSocialLogin()
    • authenticateUser() - Rename method, Old name was userSignIn()
    • registerUser() - Rename method, Old name was userSignUp()
    • socialLogin() - Rename method, Old name as socialSignUp()
    • forgotPassword() - Rename method, Old name was forgotPassword()
    • config() - Rename method, Old name was getConfiq()
    • deleteUserAccount() - Rename method, Old method name was deleteAccount()
  • Feed
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getFeed()
    • getTopProfile()
    • getVideoReportOptions()
    • submitVideoReport()
    • getAllLikeFeedIds()
    • getFeedByUserId()
  • New Methods
    • getFeedData() - Rename method old name was getFeed()
    • getCuratedTopRail() - Rename method old name was getTopProfile()
    • getVideosLikeCount() - Rename method old name was getAllLikeFeedIds()
  • Report
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getReports()
    • submitReport()
    • getCommentReports()
    • report()
  • New Methods
    • getVideoReportOptions() - Rename method old name was getReports()
    • submitVideoReport() - Rename method old name was submitReport()
    • getContentReportOptions() - Rename method, old method name was getCommentReports()
    • postContentReport() - Rename method, Old method name was report()
    • getVideoReportOptions() - Move method from Feed class
    • submitVideoReport() - Move method from feed class
  • Notification
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getNotifyList()
    • readNotify()
  • New Methods
    • getNotificationsList() - Rename method, old method name was getNotifyList()
    • updateNotificationStatus()- Rename method, Old method name was readNotify()
  • Follow
  • Deprecated Methods
    • callFollowUser()
    • getFollowerUsers()
    • getFollowingUsers()
  • New Methods
    • getFollowingUsers
  • Profile
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getProfileDetails()
    • editProfile()
    • editProfileImage()
    • checkUserName()
    • callFollowUser()
    • getFollowerUsers()
    • getFollowingUsers()
    • blockUser() - Move to block class
    • blockList() - Move to block class
    • blockUsers() - Move to block class
    • getTagUserList() - Move to creator Class
    • getHashtagAutoSuggestion() - Move to creator class
  • New Methods
    • getUserDetails - Rename method, Old name was getProfileDetails()
    • updateUserProfile - Rename method, Old name was editProfile()
    • updateProfileImage - Rename method, Old name was editProfileImage()
    • checkUserNameAvailability - Rename method, Old name was checkUserName()
    • followUnFollowUser - Rename method, Old name was callFollowUser()
    • getFollowerList - Rename method, Old name was getFollowerUsers()
    • getFollowingList - Rename method, Old name was getFollowingUsers()
  • Block
  • Deprecated Methods
  • New Methods
    • blockUnblockUser() - New method coming from profile class
    • getUserListBlockedByMe() - New method coming from profile class
    • getUserListWhoBlockedMe() - New method coming from profile class
  • Creator
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getSignedURL()
    • getPostVideoCategories()
    • postVideoInfoForOneVideoContent()
    • getSoundBySearchText()
    • postVideoInfoForMultiContent()
  • New Methods
    • getHashtagSuggestion() - New method coming from profile
    • getContentUploadUrl() - Rename method, Old name was getSignedURL()
    • getTagFriendList() - New method coming from profile
    • getContentUploadCategories() - Rename method, Old name was getPostVideoCategories()
    • uploadContent() - Rename method, Old name was postVideoInfoForOneVideoContent()
    • getSoundList() - Rename method, Old name was getSoundBySearchText()
    • uploadContentMetaData - Rename method, Old name was postVideoInfoForMultiContent()
  • Timeline Public
  • Deprecated Methods
    • CallLikeUnlikeFeed() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • CallShareFeed() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • CallViewFeed() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • getVideoCommentsList() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • callPostComment() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • callUpadteComment() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • callDeleteComment() - Move to activitytimeline class
    • getCommentReply() - Move to activitytimeline class
  • New Methods
  • Activity Timeline
  • Deprecated Methods
    • callTimeLine()
    • callTimeLineHeader()
  • New Methods
    • getTimeLineVideoList() - Rename method, old name was callTimeLine()
    • getTimeLineDetails() - Rename method, old name was callTimeLineHeader()
    • updateContentLike() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was CallLikeUnlikeFeed()
    • postContentViewEvent() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was CallViewFeed()
    • getContentCommentList() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was getVideoCommentsList()
    • postContentComment() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was callPostComment()
    • updateContentComment() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was callUpadteComment()
    • deleteContentComment() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was callDeleteComment()
    • getCommentReplyList() - Method coming from TimelinePublic class, old name was getCommentReply()
  • Discover
  • Deprecated Methods
    • getLeaderBoard()
    • getDiscover()
    • getDiscoverCurationDataByRailId()
    • getTrendingChallengesSearchList()
    • getTrendingHashtagSearchList()
    • getDiscoverAllVideosRail()
    • getDiscoverCategoriesVideosByCategoryIDRail() - Remove this method
    • getDiscoverProfilesRail()
  • New Methods
    • getChallengeLeaderBoardDetails() - Rename method, Old name was getLeaderBoard()
    • getCuratedRailList() - Rename method, Old name was getDiscover()
    • getCuratedRailDetails()- Rename method, Old name was getDiscoverCurationDataByRailId()
    • getSearchedChallengesList() - Rename method, Old name was getTrendingChallengesSearchList()
    • getSearchedHashtagList() - Rename method, old name was getTrendingHashtagSearchList()
    • getSearchedVideoList()- Rename method, old name was getDiscoverAllVideosRail()
    • getSearchedUserList()- Rename method, old name was getDiscoverProfilesRail()


  • "Update - updateBlockByUserListWithFollowinguser ( Added Follow User list along with block user list) Profile.sharedInstance.getBlockUnblockOrFollowingUser
  • BlockUser.shareInstance.getFollowingUser()
  • BlockUser.shareInstance.setFollowingUsers(users: followingId)


  • Remove Auth.init() method: This method is no more required, we changed the method calling at singleton approach so all method will be called with sharedInstance
  • Remove Email parameter from “ProfileData.sharedInstance.editProfile”
  • BlockUser.shareInstance.setFollowingUsers(users: followingId)
  • "Adding below missing parameter in “Auth.sharedInstance.userSignUp”
  • Adding below missing parameter in “​​Auth.sharedInstance.userSignIn”
  • Removed feedModel parameter from “TimeLinePublic.sharedInstance.callUpadteComment” as we don’t require this parameter and for update we only require comment id as reference.
  • Remove Description field parameter from “TimeLinePublic.sharedInstance.callDeleteComment” as we don't require this field in delete event.
  • Adding “PostId” as a new field parameter in “TimeLinePublic.sharedInstance.callPostComment”.

v2.3.1 (16-May-2023)

  • Product Card linking on the Feed Screen
  • Fixed video frame rendering issue
  • Guest user can also share the content and see the comments.
  • Allow "setMinViewDurationForViewEvent" key to add in infoplist file to set the minimum video view duration to send VideoView event
  • Bug Fixes

v2.2.4 (31-Mar-2023)

  • Video Patch fix in a vertical feed
  • Bug Fixes

v2.2.2 (20-Mar-2023)

  • The video player resizes according to the video dimension
  • Video quality improvement
  • Bug Fixes

v2.2.5 (06-05-2023)

  • Text as Post feature
  • Permission tutorial added in creator tool flow
  • Video auto resizing based on aspect ratio for vertical feed
  • Exposed setVideoResizeModeForVerticalPlayer method for Vertical Feed to set the Aspect Ration as per need
  • Added GIF upload support in Creator Tool

v2.2.0 (31-Mar-2023)

  • Back button navigation fix from the back button on the posting screen
  • Navigation flow fix from the save as draft option in creator
  • Bug Fixes

v2.1.7 (20-Mar-2023)

  • New UI for Creator camera video
  • Navigation flow improvement for the creator module
  • Bug Fixes

v2.1.3 (6-Mar-2023)

  • Reward theme implements from the app.json file
  • Bug Fixes

v2.1.0 (31-Jan-2023)

  • Coupon images visual improvement
  • Coupon list screen improvement
  • Bug Fixes

v2.0.1 (07-Dec-2023)

  • reward module release with entry and exit point
  • Reward module release with GluedInSDK
  • Bug Fixes