Multi language support - GluedIn
This document shares detailed integration steps for localization in No Code SDK into your existing application or a new app.
Enable Localization into app?
Below are the key steps to enable localization into app.
  • Enable your localization in project build setting section
  • Go to Project folder and find “Localizable.strings“ under your language folder, The path should looks like: “ProjectFolder/Project name folder(ie: GluedIn)/language short name.lproj(i.e. en.lproj)/Localizable.strings“.
  • Add the below code snippet keys in you language string file:
    //==============================Example for string localisation====================================
    //=============================Detail string are added in above link =====================================
    "gluedin_challenge_view_leaderboard" = "View Leaderboard";
    "gluedin_challenges_challenge_date" = "This challenge will end on";
    "gluedin_challenges_leaderboard_msg" = "Minimum 3 videos are required to generate the Leaderboard";
    "gluedin_challenges_about_challenge" = "About";
    For Telgu it will be:
    "gluedin_challenge_view_leaderboard" = "లీడర్‌బోర్డ్‌ని వీక్షించండి";
    "gluedin_challenges_challenge_date" = "ఈ సవాలు ముగియనుంది";
    "gluedin_challenges_leaderboard_msg" = "లీడర్‌బోర్డ్‌ను రూపొందించడానికి కనీసం 3 వీడియోలు అవసరం";
    "gluedin_challenges_about_challenge" = "గురించి";
    For French it will be:
    "gluedin_challenge_view_leaderboard" = "Voir le classement";
    "gluedin_challenges_challenge_date" = "Ce défi se terminera le";
    "gluedin_challenges_leaderboard_msg" = "Un minimum de 3 vidéos est requis pour générer le classement";
    "gluedin_challenges_about_challenge" = "À propos";
These keys can be used in existing language file as well.