Multi Language Support - GluedIn
This document shares detailed integration steps for localization in No Code SDK into your existing or new application.
Enable Localization into app?
As part of localization included in the Application to provide the different text labels/messages into alternative languages. App must specify different resource directories (res/values/strings.xml) to enable app messages/label localization.
Below steps shows how we can enable string localization for “French” language. But same rule/steps can be followed for other languages.
  • Create a new resource file for the French language using Android Studio’s resource file wizard. Firstly, right-click on the res folder and choose “New -> Android resource file”.
    The wizard will let you choose from a list of available resource qualifiers for your new folder.
  • Select Locale from the list of available qualifiers and add it to the chosen qualifiers. Now to add a French language resource file, choose fr: French from the language list.
    Note: We can keep the Specific Region Only: setting at its default value of Any Region since we will not be narrowing down our localization to particular regions here.
  • Set the File name as "strings.xml". You will notice that Android Studio has automatically set a Directory Name of values_fr.
    Then lastly, click the OK button and a "strings.xml" file inside a res/values-fr/ directory should be opened.
  • Add French language resources to this XML file. Be sure to add the same keys as when creating the "strings.xml" for English US or Default:
    List of complete string file can be downloaded from: