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Method Method detail
Integration steps on the console to add reward functionality Easy and step-wise integration process on console which can help user to setup reward into an existing mobile application.
Integration step to add Baked Reward SDK Easy and step-wise integration process which can help user to integrate baked reward module into an existing mobile application.
Customize the Reward Screen CTA’s User can customize the user actions. For example if user click creator button from the reward module then user will be navigated to certain screen. So the you can customize the action to navigate to your desired destination.
Baked Reward SDK

The SDK has an option to use the predefined reward module as a separate component that can be integrated into existing applications by using Android Activity class on any user-defined CTA.

Integration steps on console to add Reward functionality into your app:
Step 1: Go to the console left menu option and click Rewards → Point definitions
Step 2: Click on reward settings icon which is on top left corner of centre panel.
Step 3: Enable Reward section Also, enable “Show record icon on discover section “if you need reward in your discover section or in your discover core SDKs methods>
Step 4: Provide earned point and event count into point definition section as shown in the screen shot.
Step 5: Upload Coupon to redeem inside the app
Click on coupon menu option in the left menu
Click on Add Coupon CTA on the top right corner of the screen
Click on upload coupon option from the dropdown
Upload coupon image and add meta info as instructed in console.
Steps 6: Create coupon
Click on Add Coupon CTA on the top right of centre screen
Click on create coupon option from the dropdown
Add Coupon image either by selecting or by drag and drop in desired image section
Add coupon title and other coupon meta info required by the console to create the coupon.
  • Integration steps to add Baked Reward SDK:
    Add the below dependency into app/build.gradle
    • To add only core module dependency, add below
      		implementation 'com.gluedin.lowcode:gluedin:3.1.0'
    • To add Baked the Feed module into the project, add below along with the core dependency
      		implementation 'com.gluedin.lowcode.rewards:rewards:3.1.0'
  • Reward:
    Class Name: RewardsActivity
    Integration Steps:
    • Create the entry point from where you want to load the reward module into your application/Module
    • Create a custom reward activity which must extend the GluedIn SDK “RewardsActivity” class.
      		class DummyRewardsActivity: RewardsActivity() {}
    • Now declare the “DummyRewardsActivity” into AndroidManifest.xml file.
      		   activity android:name=".DummyRewardsActivity"
    How to Call?
    		// Call the below code in CTA click.
  • Customize the Reward Screen CTA’s: You can set custom actions of the GluedIn Reward screen by using below setter methods.
    	// Used to set the custom action URI for user interaction
    // Used to set the custom action URI to handle content creation action
    // Used to set the custom action URI to naviagte user to screen to explore the content
    Sample App to Download and Use:
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