Integration steps - GluedIn
Steps to integrate the Gluedin Web SDK
Please follow the below steps to Integrate Gluedin SDK in web Application
Use API key and Secret Key
Copy the API Key and Secret Key generated from console and use the them in the Sdk initialise method as shown below.
Initialize SDK
Class : GluedInSDKInitilize
Method : setupSDK
Before using web sdk method we need to first setup web sdk method we need to pass API key and Secret key. We will get these key from my GluedIn website dashboard. You will get guest token these token we will further used to Call other APIs
  • Request Object : setUpSDKObject
  • Parameters
  • apiKey : API Key you will get from GluedIn portal
  • secretKey : Secret Key you will get from GluedIn portal
  • Response Object : responseObject
  • StatusCode : It return api status code (like 200,201,500,401)
  • Success : It return boolean value, (true/false)
  • Message : It is simple string message
		var sdkInitilizeData = GluedInSDKInitilizeObj.setupSDK({
    		apiKey: "6fcc5173-c12d-4f51-9a98-80e8859d0434XXXXXXX",
    		secretKey: "e54f2718-1499-4239-91c5-a2cc5472a889XXXXXX"