Baked Creator - GluedIn
Baked Creator Tool SDK
The SDK has an option to use the creator tool as a separate component that can be integrated into existing applications and can be launched via any user-defined CTA.
  • Integration steps to add Baked Feed SDK:
    Add the below dependency into app/build.gradle
    • To add only core module dependency, add below
          implementation 'com.gluedin.lowcode:gluedin:2.0.0'
    • To add the Baked Feed module into the project, add below along with core dependency
          implementation 'com.gluedin.lowcode.creator:creator:2.0.0'
    • Class Name: CreatorActivity
    • Available Callback Methods: Below are the methods which will be triggered on multiple events like the content recording.
      fun startRecording()
      fun endRecording()
      fun addFilter(isFilterAdded: Boolean)
      fun uploadFromGallery(path: String)
      fun selectMusic(nameOfSound: String)
      fun postContent()
      fun onContentCreated(success: Boolean, assetPath: String, assetType: AssetType)
      fun onThumbnailUpdated(path: String)
      fun onResetThumbnail()
      fun onStartContentUpdate()
      fun onThumbnailSelected(thumbnailType: ThumbnailType)
      fun onBusinessAccountDelete()
      fun onUserDeactivate()
  • Integration Steps:
    • Create your own creator activity class and extend it with CreatorAcrivity class of GluedIn SDK
    • Declare your creator activity into your AndroidManifest.xml file
    • Once you extend the GluedIn SDK’s CreatorActivity class, the above methods need to be overridden for a callback of the actions performed by the end user.
  • How to enable/disable the default post screen:
    The Baked creator tool gives flexibility to users to choose whether he/she wants to use SDK’s content posting screen or not. If they do not want to use the SDK’s default posting screen then that can be disabled by calling the below method in onCreate() method of the activity.
      override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
  • How to post created content on ‘Other Social Media Apps’:
    Baked creator tool gives flexibility to users to choose whether he/she wants to post the created content on other social media platforms i.e Facebook & Instagram. Please follow the steps below to enable the feature:
    • Create the app on Facebook's official website and get the application id.
    • Now paste the application id into facebook_app_id tag into app/build.gradle file.
        manifestPlaceholders["gluedin_sdk_facebook_app_id"] = ""
      resValue "string", "gluedin_sdk_facebook_app_id", ""
      Note: Add your created Facebook app id in place of empty value
    • If you don’t want to use the Facebook & Instagram feature, keep the key value the empty.
    • Enable the Facebook share feature while initializing the SDK