GluedIn - GluedIn | Launch in app communities
Three easy steps to use Gluedin
Retain Users, Increase Conversion and Revenue with the power of Short Videos and the Creator Economy inside your app.
Step 1
Add Gluedin into your app
Download the SDK for free and integrate it into your existing app. You can even launch a new app using the SDK.
Step 2
Upload content
Use the console to upload your existing content with a few clicks.
Step 3
Invite users to engage
Invite your users to create and interact with the content with a wide variety of community features.
Enterprise Ready Compliances
GluedIn adheres to global privacy and security standards to support customers across regions.
Short Video and Exciting Community Features for all DTC apps
Use it as a section inside your app or launch a new app.
Start for free, pay as you grow
No credit card required.